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ShoeHQ is the headquarters of shoe retailers, manufacturers, shoe stores and shoe websites. We are a directory that has listings, articles and other information about the shoe industry. We strive to maintain the highest quality directory possible through user input and thorough research into every area of the shoe industry.

Shoes are a staple of human society; Everyone needs shoes. This is what makes shoes a great industry to be in, regardless of the economic climate. The shoe industry is split into many groups: shoe manufacturers, shoe retailers, online only shoe websites, brick-and-mortar shoe stores, a combination of brick-and-mortar shoe store and an online shoe store. Then there are the different brand names of shoes. The shoe industry is quite complicated indeed.

The purpose of ShoeHQ, or Shoe Headquarters, is to provide well organized unique information on every aspect of the shoe industry. We provide listings to shoe stores, shoe related websites, shoe industry information and more. We also have an articles directory that has loads of information. We even have a dictionary of shoe industry terms in case you run into something you have never heard before.

ShoeHQ is currently in the process of developing this unique directory and we welcome your input. If you are in the shoe industry then I recommend you return to the site soon, in order to submit your business into our directory. With everyone's help I am sure we will create the most complete web directory on the shoe industry in existence. Please come back soon.

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